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Snapchat Takeover with James Yun

Hallo/Bonjour from our Snapchat Takeover in Belgium!

In case you missed our Snapchat Takeover by spring 2017 BCA Brussels and University of LaVerne student, Jin James Yun, here are the highlights! Over the last weekend in April, James spent the weekend by the North Sea on a BCA Excursion. Belgium only has 70 km (approx. 43.5 miles) of coast on the North Sea, but the towns that line it are rich in European history. During his Takeover, James visits sites from World War I & II, the Tyne Cot Cemetery, and the towns of Ypres and Nieuwpoort. He also captured a glimpse of the “Last Stand,” a daily parade where the town of Ypres pays homage to the fallen soldiers. During the parade, participants play traditional military songs to honor the fallen soldiers come rain or snow!

“I love the WWI sites; it was an amazing experience and I am glad I was able to pay my respects to the fallen soldiers. Some of the subjects we discussed were deep and depressing, but it’s important to learn from history,” James reflects.

Snapchat Takeover with James Yun in Belgium

Snapchat Takeover from WWI site

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snapchat takeover belgium

Thank you, James, for sharing your experience with BCA in Belgium. It was great looking at the photographs you provided above. Over the years, my husband and I led students to Japan and India, and those were the highlights of our life. In the years since then, we returned to both locations and visited the faculty there. In turn, one of the faculty from both locations came to our college (McPherson College in Kansas) and visited with us here in the U.S. To this day, we continue to exchange Christmas greetings with them.

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