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How to Apply to Study Abroad with BCA!

You’ve finished researching different study abroad programs and at last, you’re ready to apply to study abroad! Not sure where to begin? No worries – here’s a handy guide to help you apply for your upcoming BCA Study Abroad adventure!

Where to Starthow to apply to study abroad

There are multiple locations on our website where you can click an ‘Apply Now’ button. In the top right-hand corner of the site, you’ll see the word ‘Apply’ on the green section of the header. You’ll also notice a teal word bubble on the left-hand side of every webpage that says ‘Apply Now.’ Additionally, every program page has a gray side navigation bar and the first option is…you guessed it – ‘Apply Now!’

Creating a Profile

apply to study abroadAfter you’ve selected one of the ‘Apply Now’ buttons, you’ll be brought to BCA’s online application system. Once you’ve selected your program of interest, you’ll see a page with a general overview of the program and a large green ‘Apply Now’ button on the right-hand side of your screen. You’ll then be asked a variety of general questions, including your name, email, birthday, your school, major, graduation year, GPA and address. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ve officially started your BCA application!

Completing the Application

In your application, there are three different sections: Questionnaires, Materials and Recommendations. Your application is set-up like a checklist, so you can easily identify what you still need to work on and what is already complete!

apply to study abroadUnder Questionnaires, you’ll be asked to enter your parent or guardian’s contact information and your passport information, as well as answer a few brief essay questions. Don’t currently have a valid passport? That’s not a problem! Contact BCA’s Program Advisor and ask that this section be waived until your passport arrives.  Meanwhile, the essays are designed so we can learn a little bit more about you and what you hope to accomplish from your study abroad experience! Don’t worry, we won’t be judging the quality of your writing!

Under Materials, you’ll see that you’re required to submit your most recent transcript! To fulfill this requirement, contact your school and request an official copy either mailed to our Central Office or emailed to the Program Advisor. We cannot accept unofficial copies or official copies sent directly from you.  This section also outlines the $50 application fee requirement, which must be paid before your application will be considered for admission to a program.

living with a host family in MexicoThe last component of your application is the recommendations. You’ll need to submit 2 – 3 recommendations, depending on your program of interest. Everyone needs to submit a study abroad advisor recommendation. This recommendation should be completed by the individual who oversees study abroad at your school. The next recommendation is your Faculty Recommendation. This evaluation should be completed by a professor who can speak to your academic abilities and personality. Students attending a BCA language program must also submit a Language Recommendation from a professor who can comment on your oral and written language proficiency.

Admissions Decision

Congratulations, you have completed your application! Once you’ve checked off all sections of your application you should receive your admissions decision within 5 business days.


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