Where will you be this holiday season?

There’s No Place Like Vienna for the Holidays

Students who choose to study abroad for a full year often stay abroad during their holiday breaks. We asked BCA year students where they will be celebrating their holidays and this is what we learned!


Angelina Jung, Manchester University
BCA Dublin-Derry, Ireland

“Study for finals! And, on Christmas Eve, I plan to go into Dublin to look at all the decorations and attend a Christmas Eve carol service.  Also for study breaks, I’m going to explore Maynooth and walk along the canals and around Carton House.  After finals, a couple of my friends and I are going to a small town just outside of Inverness, Scotland.  While we are there, we will visit Inverness, Nairne and some 5,000 year-old-burial sites as well as a battlefield. Loch Ness is nearby, so we will definitely try to find Nessie!”

Nollaig Shona agus Bliana Nua Shona!


Devony Eller, Elizabethtown College
BCA Marburg, Germany

“During the break I’m going to spend two weeks with my family that lives in Worms, Germany. After that, I will spend the last 10 days in Vienna and stay with a friend I met during our two-month orientation in Vienna.”


Daniel Kleiman & Ashley Dobrzykowski, Manchester University
BCA Cheltenham, England

“We will be staying in England for break, and we may visit English friends in Oxford. My family will be visiting too!”



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