Five Years Later: A Reflection on my Study Abroad Experience in Cheltenham

January 17, 2018
five years later

A little over five years ago, I studied abroad in the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham, England for a life-changing three months. Although short, my time abroad was transformative in ways that have influenced my life every day since. Nervous and very excited, I boarded the plane in Baltimore, Maryland, not knowing what adventures I would […]

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Every Week is a Whirlwind: Reflections About Joining Clubs Abroad

January 10, 2018
joining clubs abroad

Wednesday evening in Dunedin, a group of people from all walks of life, short, tall, young, old, scientists, psychologists, artists and trade workers alike join together in the Otago Univerity Students’ Association (OUSA) activities hall. Upon walking in, there is inevitably a cluster of smiling faces and embraces to welcome you to the gathering. Around the room […]

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How to Tie a Knot (And 5 Other Unique Cultural Differences)

January 3, 2018

When researching study abroad, you often hear about culture shock. The question of culture shock then prompts you to ask how you would handle it. When preparing to go to China, you hear a lot about the major cultural differences. Now, having lived in China, I’ve learned that these differences make everyday a new experience! Here are 6 interesting cultural differences […]

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Why Brussels, Belgium is an Amazing Experience

December 27, 2017

I studied abroad with BCA in Brussels, Belgium in the Spring of 2017 and had an amazing experience. I wanted to share a bit about my experience and give some advice to other students considering studying abroad. I chose to go to Belgium in order to speak French in a native environment. I had a […]

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Snapchat Takeover From A Wintry London Excursion

December 20, 2017
wintry London excursion

The holidays are always an exciting time – especially when you’re abroad! Depending on your host country’s customs and beliefs, experiencing traditional holiday culture is a perfect way to understand your new home and connect with the local community – be it a holiday you’re familiar with or not. For many students studying abroad in Europe […]

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Reflections on 18 Years as the BCA Xalapa RD

December 15, 2017

Dr. Rob Kruger has served as the resident director for our BCA Xalapa program and been an integral part of the BCA family for almost two decades. He is retiring from this role at the end of 2017 and below he shares his thoughts on his time with students and as a member of the […]

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Immersing Myself in Spanish Culture

December 13, 2017
Spanish Culture

For the past 12 weeks, I have lived among Spaniards and immersed myself in their culture. While I am by no means an expert on what it means to be Spanish, I do believe I have acquired enough insight to comment on what makes the Spanish people special and why I will miss them so […]

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Top 10 Foods to Try in Trinidad & Tobago

December 6, 2017

Trinidad and Tobago offers a unique culinary experience that is distinct, dynamic and delicious. Our food fusion is based on our country’s diverse culture and is rooted in our history of European colonization; West African slavery; and East Indian, Chinese and Portuguese indentured labor. You will also find in Trinidad and Tobago, the tastiest street […]

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Best Study Abroad Programs for Engineering Majors

November 29, 2017

Engineering is becoming an increasing global profession, with high demands for engineers across the world. This highly competitive market requires college graduates to have something that makes them stand out. Studying abroad is a great resume builder and lets future employers know you’re willing to be more global. As an engineering major it’s important to […]

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How to Study Abroad as a Bio-Chemistry Major

November 22, 2017
Bio-Chemistry Major

My name is Katie Byers and I am a senior, biology-chemistry major and business minor from Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana. I studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand in spring of 2017 and it was the most life shaping, eye-opening, self-growing experience of my life! Many people speculate at the ability to be a […]

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