How to Apply to Study Abroad with BCA!

February 24, 2017
New Zealand Study Abroad

You’ve finished researching different study abroad programs and at last, you’re ready to apply to study abroad! Not sure where to begin? No worries – here’s a handy guide to help you apply for your upcoming BCA Study Abroad adventure! Where to Start There are multiple locations on our website where you can click an […]

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What No One Tells You – First Month Abroad Reflections

January 31, 2017
First Month Abroad Reflections

When I first decided to study abroad, it was kind of like this foggy dream; it was something that seemed so far away and unreachable and surreal that I mostly just thought of it like it wasn’t really happening. Then I got accepted to the program, and the dream became just a little less foggy, the […]

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Immersing Myself in Spanish Life and Culture in Barcelona

January 13, 2017
immersing myself in Spanish

Before I arrived in Barcelona, I had been told by countless individuals that studying abroad would be a life-changing experience. I was both nervous and excited as the semester approached, fearing that the adjustment would be difficult but eager to discover the Spanish culture while studying at the University of Barcelona. As I reflect on […]

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Spanish Language Immersion

December 22, 2016
Spanish Language Immersion with Friends

Studying in Valladolid, Spain, my main goal was to obtain language immersion, to immerse myself in Spanish. I wanted to live the language, I wanted to breathe the language. Sure, classes back home gave students a taste of it–but occasional exams in my small Pennsylvania hometown were nothing compared to the constant stream of Spanish in […]

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Living in a Castle – German Immersion Opportunity

December 14, 2016
German Community in Schloss Student Accommodation

When I signed up for studying abroad, looking back, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. However, I was so excited at the prospect of studying abroad, I was trying to sign up at my college before classes even started. Apparently my university requires you to be on campus for at least […]

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Study Abroad Expectations vs. Reality: A Student’s Reflection

December 9, 2016
Study Abroad Expectations

When preparing for a semester abroad, it’s easy to start the journey with a list of expectations: what the food will be like, how many countries you’ll visit, and all the friends you will make. While this can help you prepare for your experience, it can also set your expectations too high (or too low). […]

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Modernization versus Culture

December 8, 2016
Amazon Selfie

It is extremely important that we share all kinds of creative work with our readers. In today’s entry, we introduce you to Clay Reichart. Clay is a senior at Juniata College and participated in BCA Study Abroad’s Quito, Ecuador program. As a part of a BCA excursion, he participated in Toxic Tours and community-based tourism […]

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Seven Tips for Financing Your Summer Abroad

December 8, 2016
Alhambra in Granada

It’s that time of year! It’s the month of December and everyone is brainstorming their New Year’s resolutions. Are you hoping to see the world in 2017? Do you want to travel, explore new cultures, learn new languages, try foreign cuisine, meet friendly new faces, and/or expand your global view? If so, you should consider […]

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A Heart Divided: Returning Home from Study Abroad

December 6, 2016
Returning Home from Studying Abroad in Spain

I nearly had a panic attack in one of my classes today. Not because anything drastic happened. Not because I couldn’t understand the professor (although that definitely happens). It’s because I realized that next week is Thanksgiving, the week after that are finals, and the week after that I hop on a plane to return […]

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