Resident Director

I am pleased that you are considering coming to Barcelona with the BCA Study Abroad program. I believe that this city is an ideal place to live and to study because of its beauty, diversity, history and all the socio-cultural opportunities it offers. BCA Barcelona is integrated in the Universitat de Barcelona, providing you with the possibility of carrying on your daily student life in one of Spain’s most prestigious universities.

As a former student in the U.S. and Italy, my experience is that studying abroad is unique, enriching and can often be life changing. After finishing my B.A. in the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, I earned an M.A. in linguistics at the University of Iowa and went on to study a Ph.D. in literature at the University of Chicago. I also taught at several U.S. universities such as the University of Iowa, Roosevelt University, DePaul University and the University of Chicago.

Before working for BCA, I directed the Lake Forest College International Program in Lake Forest, Illinois, and Madrid, Spain. Currently my interests include different areas of the humanities. I have published books and articles on Spanish poetry and narrative, and periodically give lectures on Spanish painting and architecture. Independent cinema and music in general (especially blues and jazz) are some of my hobbies although I am most fond of traveling, meeting the people and living among them as long as possible, something that I have had the opportunity to do in the U.S., Europe and Muslim countries like Turkey and Jordan.

I am convinced that living and studying abroad, in other words going beyond being a tourist and having to “perform” in another culture, broadens people’s horizons and helps them both intellectually and personally. My staff and I would like to make you feel welcome and help you to adjust to life in Barcelona. Getting to know our students and having good communication with them are our top priorities. We really try to give BCAers in Barcelona the degree of independence that they seek while making sure they know that we are here when they need us.I would be glad for you to experience Barcelona for yourself.

Esperamos verte pronto,

Dr. Carmen Barbosa-Torralbo
Director, BCA Barcelona

BillotaProgram Associate, BCA Barcelona

I would like to say ‘Hello!’ from Barcelona to those of you who have decided to study in this beautiful city.

I was born in Buenos Aires but I fell in love with Barcelona many years ago. I have studied and worked in both cities and because of this, I have experienced the thrill of merging into a new culture and having to perform in a country different from my own. You will be living a similar process while studying in Barcelona with BCA, an experience that will teach you a lot about this fascinating city, this country and the world in general but also about yourselves.

As an assistant to the Director of BCA Barcelona, during your time in Spain, I will be available for any questions or doubts that you may have. It is always a pleasure to help in making your experience as enriching, smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Welcome to Barcelona!

Alex Bilotta