About the Universitat de Barcelona

Study Abroad at the Universitat de Barcelona

UB-HistoricBldg_GeneralViewAre you a college student who is intrigued by the idea of spending a summer, semester or possibly an entire year studying in Spain? Is Barcelona on your list of “must-see” European cities? If so, the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) study abroad program offered by BCA Study Abroad may be perfect for you. UB is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Catalonia and one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Brief History of the Universitat de Barcelona

Originally founded in 1450, the Universitat de Barcelona was the result of an effort by King Alphonse V to unify all university education in Spain at one centralized location. The University has undergone various incarnations in the ensuing centuries.

In 1714, the capture of Barcelona by the French during the War of Spanish Succession led to all university studies being moved to the city of Cervera. It remained headquartered there until 1842 when it was permanently moved back to Barcelona. Beginning in 1939, the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco brought a period of severe repression to the University. It wasn’t until 1985, a decade after Franco’s death, that full autonomy was restored.

A Long Tradition of Academic Excellence

Despite its unique and often unsettled past, the Universitat de Barcelona has remained one of the most widely respected institutions of higher learning in the world. With 100 academic departments; 367 UB-specific master’s and postgraduate degree courses; 5,312 professors, lecturers and researchers; and a diverse student population exceeding 63,000, UB has much to offer from an academic, cultural and personal perspective. The Universitat de Barcelona is also a member of the Coimbra Group, which is comprised of long-established European universities that share a commitment to top-quality education and research achieved through collaborating on a global level.

Opportunity to Hone Your Language Skills

A key benefit of our Universitat de Barcelona study abroad program is that it provides an ideal opportunity to practice and perfect your foreign language skills. The majority of courses are taught in Spanish. The remaining courses are taught in English or Catalan. Most BCA students take all of their courses in Spanish and some students take one or two courses in English. By constantly speaking, reading and writing Spanish, you will quickly develop your proficiency.

BCA Study Abroad Has Enjoyed a Decades-Long Relationship With the Universitat de Barcelona

Since 1972, BCA Study Abroad has been offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to study abroad at the Universitat de Barcelona. Over the course of four-plus decades, over 1,500 BCA Study Abroad students have attended the UB.

BCA Study Abroad students can enroll in regular classes offered by the University — a benefit few other American programs can offer. By being a BCA Study Abroad student, you also are eligible to receive a Universitat de Barcelona student ID. This ID will give you access to all libraries and facilities owned by the University. The UB library system is noted for containing more than 1.7 million volumes.

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