Immersion opportunities in Barcelona include getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus, spending time doing memorable activities with your host family, and/or getting involved with a group in the local community that shares your interests or helps you develop new interests.

Previous BCA students have suggested that the best way to meet Spaniards is to join a gym or a sports club (tennis, fencing, squash, field hockey, etc.) to meet students your age. As a BCA student you will have discount access to the Universitat de Barcelona’s sports facilities including gyms, athletic tracks, tennis courts, fitness rooms, open-air sport areas, a heated swimming pool, soccer and rugby fields. You can also choose to join any of the numerous gyms in the city that offer a wide range of facilities for reasonable fees.

You may also want to take cooking lessons or salsa dance classes, learn how to play the guitar, join a knit team or participate in a theater group, among other possibilities. By participating in these types of activities, you are establishing a connection with Spanish people via your common interests.

Semester and year students can join a program called intercambio, in which American students meet with a Spanish student several times a week, depending on their schedules. They speak Spanish for one hour and English for the other so that both parties are able to practice their language skills.

Why immersion?