Quick Facts

Language of Instruction

Spanish. If your major is related to the fields of Business, Economics, International Relations, Sociology or Political Sciences you can enroll in UB courses taught in English, in addition to the required Spanish language and culture course and BCA Spanish-taught electives.

Language Pre-Requisite

Four semesters of college-level Spanish (or equivalent) is required.

Host University

Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

GPA Requirement


Required Courses

Good for Majors

  • Arts & Humanities: Art History, Design, History, Literature
  • Business & Communications: Business Administration & Management, Economics
  • Spanish Language
  • Pre-Professional Studies: Education, Food Science, Pharmacy, Social Work, Tourism
  • Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Archaeology


Host families

Resident Director

Dr. Carmen Barbosa-Torralbo


Get acquainted with your new cultural environment through a five-day orientation during your first week in Barcelona. You will tour the city, the University campus and facilities and meet for individual and group advising sessions.


BCA students are required to obtain a visa for the stay in Spain. BCA provides guidance on this process and students should reference this information on their BCA online account as soon as they are accepted.