About College Year in Athens

cafeBCA Study Abroad’s program in Greece provides courses in a variety of social science and humanities disciplines, with a particular focus on the interdisciplinary theme of democracy.  Our program approaches critically important aspects of this theme through coursework, educational excursions and readings.  All courses are taught in English.

To engage our students in this kind of learning, BCA has forged an important collaboration with College Year in Athens (CYA), which was founded in 1962 – the same year as BCA – and was the first study abroad program in Greece for English-speaking undergraduates. It has become a highly regarded academic organization that works with students from many top-tier U.S. universities and colleges.

Our partnership with CYA allows BCA students to take classes with other study abroad participants while also maintaining their own intellectual and cross-cultural emphasis on the BCA theme of democracy.

Access to the Library

The CYA Library serves the information and research needs of CYA students and faculty members through its print and electronic resources.

It has a collection of more than 5,500 books, DVDs and CDs in the fields of art and archaeology, ethnography, history, philosophy, languages, literature, natural sciences, religion and politics. It subscribes to a variety of newspapers and print journals. In addition, it has a subscription to part of JSTOR’s database of electronic journals and to Columbia International Affairs Online.

The Blegen Library
The CYA Library also has a subscription to the Blegen Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The subscription allows access to the Blegen Library’s resources to three CYA students per day.

The services provided by the CYA Library include circulation of library, reference, assistance with the use of the library catalog and databases and recommendations of other libraries and information centers around Athens.

It is the first library in Greece to use the open source Integrated Library System “Koha” for cataloguing, circulation, patron management and easy efficient catalog searches. The CYA Library also makes use of the Course Management System Moodle, which facilitates  an instructor’s communication with their students regarding course assignments, on-site meeting times and places, important updates and the like.

CYA offers its students excellent library facilities with an updated collection of books focusing on the CYA curriculum. There is a fulltime librarian on hand to help students find the materials they need.

Course Materials
At the beginning of the semester students are issued the textbooks and materials they need for all their courses except for Modern Greek Language and the archaeological drawing courses. These materials are on loan and must be returned to the library at the end of the semester.

The library is equipped with study space including partitioned desks for privacy and concentration, computers for the library’s online catalog, wi-fi connections as well as ethernet ports, and quick, easy access to all of the library’s resources.

The library offers a quiet space for studying and research and helps foster an academic environment of learning and achievement.