Archaeology in Greece

Voula Excavation

DSC_7701Students who have a serious interest in archaeology are invited to come to Athens two weeks before the start of spring semester to participate in the excavation of a site associated with Aixonides Halai, one of the ten demes of ancient Attica. The site, which contains ruins of large ancient blocks, suggesting the presence of a significant public building, is located in the modern town of Voula, a coastal suburb of Athens. Excavations to date have unearthed material from the Byzantine, Roman and Classical periods, including three Roman kilns and a marble lion. The excavation will appear on students’ transcripts as a winter intersession course. This is an INTENSIVE course with a total of 20 classroom contact hours plus 45 hours of supervised participation on-site.

Participation in the two-week excavation requires the payment of a fee, which covers the cost of the archaeological field work, lectures, visits to related sites, and housing in CYA apartments.