Rediscover Marburg: BCA Alumni Tour 2017

BCA Study Abroad will be celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2017 and we hope that you can help us celebrate by joining us on our inaugural BCA Alumni Tour. Join BCA Resident Director, Kris Riggs, and a member of the BCA Central Office staff as you tour many notable and popular locations in Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin and Strasbourg, as well as Marburg, Germany, BCA’s first program location.

  • Reconnect to your study abroad experience, and to BCA, as you travel through Austria, Slovakia, Germany and France next summer, July 2017.
  • Discover these locations for the first time, or if you’ve studied or visited them in the past, explore the ways in which they have changed since you’ve been there last.
  • Make new friends with fellow BCA alumni, or reach out to your former BCA peers and plan to attend the tour together!
  • Follow the path of current day BCA Marburg students by exploring the same locations and themes.
  • Enjoy historical and cultural tours in each city, and the freedom to explore each location on your own.