After your semester abroad, BCA will send an official transcript and/or course report to your home college or university and an unofficial copy to your home address. For most BCA programs, the transcripts will arrive within three months after the end of the study abroad program. For example, if you studied abroad in the fall semester, your transcript will usually arrive before March. If you studied abroad in the spring semester, your transcript will usually arrive before August. Transcripts will only be sent if your fees are paid in full.

Transcripts and/or Course Reports

If you study in Brussels, Chennai, Dunedin, India, Maynooth you will receive a transcript issued by the foreign host university.

If you study in Dalian or Marburg you will receive a course report issued by BCA.
If you study in Athens, Cheltenham, Quito, Tetouan (summer) or Xalapa you will receive both a transcript issued by the foreign host university and a course report issued by BCA.

Request a Transcript

Download a Transcript Request Form here.

BCA Study Abroad keeps one official copy of your transcript/course report on file at the central office. Requests for additional transcripts/course reports should be sent to the BCA central office.
All requests should include:
• Your full name at the time of study abroad
• Dates of attendance
• The complete mailing address where the transcript(s)/course report(s) should be sent
• Your current e-mail address
• Your handwritten signature (on the transcript request)
• A check made out to ‘BCA Study Abroad’ for $5 (USD) per transcript/course report
• To expedite processing, we accept Visa and MasterCard. Please call 717.361.6600 to provide your credit card details.

Mail your request to:

BCA Study Abroad: Transcripts/Course Reports
50 Alpha Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Expedited services fax/email your request to:
FAX: 717.361.6619

School of Record

Elizabethtown College acts as a school of record for BCA Study Abroad. This means that Elizabethtown College can issue transcripts for returning BCA students if there is a requirement for the student to have a transcript issued from a U.S. degree-granting institution (Elizabethtown College Accreditation). Please submit a written request for a school of record transcript prior to studying abroad.