Valladolid, Spain

In this photo my friends and I are in the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid. There were some women who were dressed in traditional clothing and we asked to take a photo of them before they began their parade. This photo was taken shortly after we arrived to Valladolid. As soon as we arrived to Valladolid the “festival of Valladolid” began! For two weeks Valladolid had concerts in the Main Square each night, parades on every corner, and yummy tapa stands everywhere! (From left to right local woman in traditional costume, Sharon Sees, me, Forest Wilkerson, local woman in traditional costume, local woman in traditional costume and local woman in traditional costume.) -Nelli Orozco, Valladolid, Spain, Fall 2015

Valladolid Spain - Nelli Orozco - Valladolid

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