Cultural Immersion

This picture was taken when we went on a BCA excursion to a farm for a weekend. The people in the picture are Alyssa, Ashely, Camilla, Sydney, Kim, Kelly, Kai, Shanna, and me. The weekend spent at the farm was an amazing experience because we got to see first hand how farmers in New Zealand live. The couple who let us stay with them for the weekend were very welcoming and kind, and cooked us lots of delicious food. We got to explore the farm and see all the cows and sheep, including all the baby lambs that had just been born. In this picture we had just climbed up a very steep hill that overlooked the entire farm, and the view around us was amazing. -Melissa Keene, Dunedin, New Zealand, Fall 2015

Cultural Experience - Melissa Keene - Dunedin

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