Meeting My Hero

Each year the city of Cheltenham hosts a series of festivals about jazz, music, and science. Last fall I jumped at the chance to attend the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the longest-running literary festival in the world. It is a book lovers dream! With talks about everything from Alice in Wonderland to The Time Traveler’s Wife to How to Train Your Dragon there really is something for everyone. I was absolutely delighted to hear that one of my favorite children’s authors would be speaking and quickly purchased a ticket. Derek Landy, author of the Skullduggery Pleasant series, was one of the most awkward, strange, real people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. He allowed me to ask him questions and offered advice about writing for young adults, which is something I would like to pursue. Mr. Landy signed my books and we said farewell, but not before we took this quick picture together.

Meeting My Hero - Madison Maler - Cheltenham

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