And The Winner Is…

When we were on our excursion to the Marae, our Maori host children taught us some of the traditional Maori games that teach hand-eye coordination, agility, and strength. This event is the Oma Race, which is a race on the beach to grab a stick at the end of a path. One twist is that the contestants must do whatever the referee says prior to starting the race; for example, contestants would have to: start sitting down, do push-ups, spin in a circle, or jumping jacks before starting the race. This race in particular, Rachael Daley and I had to do a ridiculous act of pretending to pick three of our own wedgies before we started the race. Shown in the picture, we are in the last leg of the race reaching for the win. -Dustin Cunningham, Dunedin, New Zealand, Spring 2016


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