BCA Webinars

BCA is committed to working with study abroad advisors to help students navigate the study abroad process by providing hands-on support and personalized attention as students research the study abroad experience and programs, complete their application and prepare to study abroad. As part of this commitment, we offer students a series of webinars at various stages of their study abroad journey.

Advisor Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

We are committed to providing our institutional partners with information on our programs and program services. Join Rachel Helwig, Assistant Director of Health and Safety and Program Services, and Megan Bell, Program Advisor, for our Lunch and Learn webinar series. During these webinars you willl learn more about our summer and semester program options. We will provide you with information to help you differentiate between our programs and advise students on the best fit program for their study abroad goals. These webinars will cover a range of topics including program location information, the host university, accommodation, BCA Study Abroad on-site staff, program excursions, and health and safety.

Upcoming Lunch and Learn Webinar
Topic: Spanish Language Programs
Wednesday, February 22nd at 1:00 PM EST

To join the webinar use the following link at the webinar time: www.gotomeet.me/BCAStudyAbroad

*Stay tuned to the this page and our advisor newsletters for the next Lunch and Learn webinar topic.

How to Study Abroad Weekly Webinar

Every Wednesday at 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard time) BCA Study Abroad offers students a chance to learn more about the study abroad process, who to speak with on their campus as they prepare to study abroad, and things to consider when choosing a study abroad program. They also have a chance to ask any questions that they may have about the study abroad process, BCA and our programs! These sessions are led by either a BCA Peer Advisor or a member of our Central Office staff all of whom have their own study abroad experience and will be able to answer any questions they may have.

The webinar is meant to support your efforts to provide them with guidance about the study abroad process. Students are encouraged to speak with their home school study abroad advisors, academic advisors, financial aid offices, and their families as they begin to research studying abroad. The webinar is geared toward students who are just starting to explore the possibility of studying abroad.

Students can join the webinar any Wednesday at 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time) by clicking this link: www.gotomeet.me/BCAStudyAbroad

Meet the BCA RD Informational Webinars

Each semester we hold one program specific webinar for each of our semester programs. These webinars are typically led by our BCA Resident Director and offer a Q & A approach to learning about the program. The RD opens with a brief introduction to the program and then students are encouraged to ask any questions that they have about the program. It’s a helpful way for students to connect with the RD and have specific program questions answered as they research their study abroad options. Summer program webinars are held in the spring semester only and students are able to attend as many program webinars as they would like.

Please note all times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST)!

Students can join their webinar of interest by clicking this link at the designated time: www.gotomeet.me/BCAStudyAbroad

Tell your students about these webinar opportunities with this flyer!
Below is the fall 2016 program specific webinar schedule:


Copy of Fall and Summer 2017 RD Webinar Schedule.xlsx

Pre-Departure Orientation Webinars

For accepted students, BCA hold a pre-departure webinar for each program prior to departure. These webinars are facilitated by BCA Central Office program staff and the BCA Resident Director and cover important pre-departure topics as well as offering students a chance to ask any questions. Students are notified of these pre-departure webinars after their acceptance into the program.